SOCKr personalized socks: The key to Vienna City Marathon victory!

Apr 13, 2023

Sportsocken - Vienna city marathon

Vienna City Marathon - where endurance, beauty, and culture meet on 42 km.

From Vienna's historic landmarks such as Schönbrunn Palace, the Burgtheater, and the Vienna City Hall, to the modern architecture of the Vienna International Centre, running in Vienna is an opportunity for any runner to experience the beauty of the city with every step.

Dreaming of winning the marathon? With Sockr sports socks, every step is a victory!

The Vienna City Marathon is one of the biggest running events in Austria, attracting thousands of runners and spectators every year. It's a challenge not to be missed, and to participate successfully, you need the right equipment - including the perfect sports socks.

Sockr sports socks: Non-slip sole and breathable material for maximum comfort during the run!

What makes Sockr sports socks so special?

On the one hand, they feature a non-slip sole, called grip socks, which keeps the foot in the shoe and prevents any unnecessary movement. This avoids friction and the formation of blisters, which is especially important during long-distance runs. On the other hand, the socks are made of a breathable material, which allows for the moisture to be evaporated and keeps the feet dry. This is particularly important in reducing the risk of fungi or other foot problems.

Run uniquely all the way!

Sockr personalized sports socks are available in different colors and designs and can be printed with the runner's name, team logo, or other personalized details. This makes them a unique accessory for the Vienna City Marathon or other sporting events that boosts motivation and performance.


If you want to participate in the Vienna city marathon, make sure you have the right equipment to successfully complete the race. This also includes the right socks. With the customized sports socks from Sockr featuring an anti-slip system, you are certainly well-equipped. So what are you waiting for? Order your customized Sockr sports socks now and get ready for the Vienna city marathon.